Its not okay

Read this ARTICLE.

The other day I was wasting time online and I came across this article. How does this have to do with riding and showing horses you ask?

Sometime in middle school I got stuck with the name “yeeha”, funny right? Yeah sure for a while, but it gets old. I have always believed that riding horses was the thing I was supposed to do in life, from a little girl. Much like a lot of boys grow up believing that they will be on the football team and be great at it, or little girls loving gymnastics and wanting to go the Olympics. But imagine being that little boy, or girl, and everyday getting teased about what is most important to you. You’re forever known to everyone as “that horse girl”. However you imagined it, times it by ten and that’s what middle school was for me. Horses is something I have that is unique, but that’s not always a good thing. I was always that girl who didn’t really fit in no matter how hard I tried. People liked me because I have a big house or nice things, but never for me. I was the weird girl. Going into high school I hoped things would be different. But they are not. Those boys have gotten older, but not grown up. They ask me questions like “how was sex with your horse?” or “how many blowjobs have you given him?” The real question about today’s society is not why people commit suicide; it’s why people think they can say such vulgar things. What gives you any right to tease and harass that little boy about something he loved doing. Why do you think you can be rude? Because you think it is funny? It’s not okay to use people’s pain as entertainment. Not everyone can overlook it all and use it as a tool. There is only so much people can take, that they shouldn’t have to.

The next question is why people only pay attention when something tragic happens. It never has to get to that point, so why do we let it. It only takes one person to say something, why is it so hard. Be different. I dare you. Stand up and instead of pulling out your phone go get a teacher, lets record it not report it, is not okay.

To those people out there who think it is okay to harass, tease, and make fun of people think again. You have no right to say those things and your words can hurt so please THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.