This past show we went to in Winnona I banded my own horse after a year of my mom telling me how beneficial it would be. The girls who man at the horse shows make a lot of money. Around forty dollars per horse and they do a lot of horses. At the big show they can make six thousand dollars easily.  Now you might think that banding would be easy but let me tell you, it is not. They key to banging is to first use the right kind of bands. Different people use different brands of bands and honestly it is up to the bander, different people have different opinions. Things to consider:

1. color- when they stretch out do the still match the color of the horse

2. Strechy ness- you want it so that they don’t break easily and are able to go around about six to eight times

3. Taste- most people keep them in their mouths

I think the easiest way to learn is to practice. I have banded three time in my life and every time it has been better and they bands are always better at the end of the main. It is just like anything else you do you have to work at it. I think to start at to horses head and go down the neck, because it is easier for me. I use a comb and go to the third stick and that is how big i make each band. For me it is easier to switch fingers going from side to side, six to eight times. and when done grab the under hairs and pull causing the mane to lie flat and close to the horses neck. Again the best way to get better is to practice. I also use a clip or bobby pin or hair clasp to keep the hair I am not banding out of the way, this makes it easier band and makes the bands more neat. Something you have to be careful of though is to not grab the hairs from the previous band and band them again. This makes your banding look sloppy and if it happens just pull the hair lose with your fingers. Another big thing is making them straight. You want to try as hard as you can to get them all in a straight row. The tops all being in line. Lastly you want to make sure the for top looks good as well.

Attached is a more in detail how to.

and a video.


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