Braiding. Braiding is not something I am familiar with. I currently have five superiors and need two more to get supreme Superior horse or something. Not very many people do this and it is a big goal for me. Unfortunately I need superiors in two more classes and have chosen western riding, in this class you change leads and have to do a pattern and you are judged on not only the lead changes but the timing being in the middle of the cones. For that class I can use bands but in the other class I have to do, the equitation, I need braids. In the EQ you are in an English saddle, breeches, a helmet, and a hunt coat. The breaches are why i dis like this class, they are very similar to yoga pants and i have never enjoyed them. Anther reason why i have enjoyed the EQ is because of the posting. Anyways at the big shows on the day i have the EQ I will have to get my horse banded the days I have western events and braided the days i have English events. A lot of the people I have talked to have said that the people who band really well cant braid very well and vise versa. I ahvent learned how to braid yet but I am hopeing to. Here is a video and a like for step by step instructions. Enjoy!




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