Horse man ship

In this blog I am going to go over horse man ship and the dos and do nets. I am going to cover all the events I do so if you are hoping I’ll do a different class i will be posting more shortly. In the class horse man ship you are judged mainly on your body and how well you communicate with your horse. you are given a pattern the day of the  show, but sometimes  the post the patterns for all the classes a couple day, sometimes even weeks before and you have the chance to memorize and practice them. The big thing that I have a problem with is when we practice I always try way harder in the show pen and end up messing up because of it. I get in my own way and in my own head and it causes me to mess up a lot. Horse man ship patterns have multiple different elements. The things are but not limited to loping, slow and fast circles, trotting slow and fast, turning left and right on both the hind end and fore hand. Lead changing both simple and flying.  Backing, walking, stopping, side passing and I think that is everything. The judges most of the time approve or supply the pattern depends on the show.

Once you get to the show most of the time the night before you run through it with your trainer and the other customers in your barn. Sometimes though it is difficult to practice because of the number of people riding, and you just have to work around it.

As far as posture goes, you could have an amazing pattern and not place at all because of your posture. The exact thing happened to me at a big horse show in Arizona one year. A big part of it was because of my posture and becasue my show shirt didnt fit properly. When you decide to start showing you have to make sure you gave a show outfit that proerly fits otherwise you will never have a chance to do well.

A big thing about horse man ship ass I have said is posture, but what do I mean by that? You have to be sitting up and be squarre on your horse. You have to be able to sit down fully in the seat and connect with your horse through your hand and legs and feet. There should be a straight line from the top of your head down to your shoulder and to your hip followed by a straight leg and connected to your heel. Your toe soud be up at all times and most of the way out of the stirrup. A big trend now a days in being able to ride your horse, showing that you are in control and able to communicate with your horse when something goes wrong.

So if the pattern starts with a jog, extended jog, lope or extended lope you have to start a few steps back to give your self plenty of room to be trotting or loping by the cone. If you walk at the cone make sure your horse will walk right off and stay in frame with forward motion.

Some exercises you can do to make your legs better would be two pointing, where you use your thighs to hold your self out of the saddle and with no stirups and long trot around the arena.

Here is a article to better inform you about horse man ship

here is picture of how it should look


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