Western Pleasure

Western Pleasure might sound like a weird name for a class to a person who is unfamiliar with horses but to a person who shows them it is  just another class. I know it might be surprising= to learn that we when someone says they show horses they do something other than barrels or jumping, but trust me. There is  a lot more out there. A typical horse show that I go to run two shows over four days. A show with the first set of judges for Thursday and Friday and a set of judges for the second show on Saturday and Sunday. Most of the shows have three judges one day and three the next day, some have four both or just one day. It really just depends on the show.  So that might not seem to matter much but when you have to qualify for youth worlds the amount of judges counts because just one point can be the difference between going to youth worlds and staying home. Usually horse shows start out with show man ship, followed by halter, then on western pleasure, then horse man ship and ranch horse and reining, which are both usually pretty small at the shows i go to just because the pattern are mostly the same and all really similar and the horses are smart and tend to catch on pretty quick. The next day would usually start out with Hunt seat and then EQ, which takes a while. Followed by western riding and trail. The show schedule really depends on where and the people running it. For example in Minnesota they usually have a lot of Hunter jumpers, hours worth. But at this  last show i went to there were barely any and so one day ended at like twelve at night and the next day ended at like five. It is hard to gauge who will be coming and who wont before you make the show bill. If i was to make a show bill i would have Halter the first  morning followed by English classes and EQ. Then the western riding and ranch horse and reining classes. Then the next day have show man ship be the first thing, and I know i would have people mad at me for splitting up halter and show man ship because they are both ground classes, but you can never make everyone happy. Next I would have western pleasure followed by trail. I think this schedule would be optimal because it would split everything up and even things out. It might not make everyone happy but it would be a start.

http://markharrellhorseshows.com/ look here for shows near you


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