Equitation is a class where mainly the rider, but the horse is also taken into consideration when being judged. The rider must have a good seat, hand and leg position and do all these things when they are asked to do patterns that involve trotting, loping, and walking.

Riders are being judged on how accurate and smooth they deliver their cues to the horse. Equitation riders are classified according to their age and previous winnings in equitation classes. So there is thirteen and under and fourteen to eighteen. they  also have novice youth classes for kids who have under a certain number of points. the hardest part of  equation for me is posting. When you post, you have to come up on the right diagonal, its called rise and fall with the leg on the wall. it all comes with time and feel and some people are better than others. And I am not very good. All the people ive talked to said it just takes time and practice to get it. But for the life of me I cant figure it out.

In equitation, it is the constant goal of every rider to be in perfect form as much as possible.The pattern, if you want to win the class, has to be perfect as well as the posture has to be perfect as well. You want a line straight from the elbow to the horses mouth, the line created by your arm and the rein. You want your back to be straight and have your heels pressed down with our leg extended. This is called basic position.

All riders must have a good basic position. Not all of us have the perfect body for it, with nice long legs and a thin torso. That doesn’t mean that we can’t be effective with what we have.

The most important body part for riding, in my mind, is the leg: It is what keeps us on our horses and determines what they do. A strong, quiet leg, in contact with our horse’s side – with heels down – is what a judge is looking for. A weak leg tends to slip back, the heels come up, and all security is lost, causing the connection with the horse to be severed.

Rein length is very important too. You want the reins to be short enough to have a connection while looking relaxed.

Heres a picture.


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