fake tails


Its not as weird as it sounds, I promise. When you are showing a huge thing that matters in your appearance.  So we put fake tails in their real tails to add to their appearance. It is just like hair extensions but they are removable. Your braid them in, but it is really hard to do because they have to fall just right, in line with the bottom of their ankle. Some things you have to keep in mind are that the braid are going to give a little if you don’t braid really tightly.  Also depending on the classes you are showing that day and what patterns you have to do you have to adjust the height because you can rip them out if you back up really fast or stop really hard. This is a big part of tails because they cost a lot of money. A good tails requires the person who is making the tail to come and look at the color, length and whether or not it should be weighted. Some horses move their tails around a lot and it is distracting. Some people decide to remove the mussel right above their tail and then they hold it still and it sits flat, the problem with that is that sometimes it can get messed up during the surgery and at the big shows like worlds and congress they check the tails. They take like a pen and tickle the tail and if the horse can’t pick it up past level you can get in serious trouble. If you placed at all they can take it away, take your horses papers, or take your membership. So an alternative option is to put weights in your tail and it will hold their tail stiller.

I always start putting a tail in by having two main braids at the top, which I always double band because it holds better and longer. Then you need two stabilizing braids on the sides and I always make sure my braids are really tight so that the tail doesn’t drop by the end of the day. Then most of the time I split the fake tail in half and band it underneath to hide the braids better. The big thing to keep in mind is that the tail should be hidden/ not seen.

Here are some more tips:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8C9mLe-KAs

Heres what it should look like:


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